ADR Chambers International (“ADRCI”) is the leading Canadian organization that specializes in International Arbitration and Mediation. Through the use of the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules as supplemented by its own state of the art rules, ADRCI provides practitioners and their clients uniformity and credibility in the field of international arbitration and mediation. The mandate of ADRCI is to provide a single cost effective Canadian source for all types of international dispute resolution, including formal international arbitration, mediation, med-arb or other hybrid systems of dispute resolution.

Arbitrators and Mediators

ADRCI has a roster of highly regarded International Arbitrators chosen from Canada, the United States, and Europe. In addition, there is a separate roster of specially trained International Mediators to handle mediation under the UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules for international commercial disputes.


ADRCI can also provide the services of a Registrar for the complete administration of an International Arbitration or Mediation. This includes not only selecting the arbitral tribunal or mediator, but also includes all organizational details such as hearing rooms, reporters, interpreters, audio visual aids and accommodation, whether in Canada or elsewhere.